A little learning is a dangerous thing.
— Alexander Pope

About me

I’m from Baoji Shaanxi, China, the city where people love to eat spicy handmade noodles. Now I live in Jersey City, NJ with my husband and a small dog, MiuMiu. 

I'm passionate about solving complex problems and designing products to empower users. Prior to studying at SVA, I worked with startup companies to identify target audiences, design frameworks, and deliver consistent solutions, ranging from developing site maps, and processing flows, to make wireframes, and building interaction prototypes.


I have learned user experience design in physical computing, coding, and to frame user experience in order to tackle problems in a systematic way.

I honed my coding skills and I enjoyed working on different prototyping tools to demonstrate design solutions. 

I have a diverse background. In my free time, I’m an advanced skiier. Every weekend in winter, I get up early and I am excited about going on ski trips. The intensity and challenge of learning all the proper moves turned me into an avid skiier. This passion encouraged me to travel, and I could excel at something both fun and very challenging.

On a personal note

I backpacked through seventeen countries in six continents, as a way to understand people's stories and experience diverse cultures. I volunteered as a Teaching Assistant in Cape Town South Africa, worked as an organic farmer in Nice, and an assistant manager of a fruit garden in Hamilton, New Zealand. Having done that, my interest and curiosity made me become a UX designer. This wide range of experience has bolstered my ability to approach design problems with a deep sense of empathy and endless curiosity.