London Landscape

This project used basic shapes such as ellipses, triangles, rectangles to create a London landscape.

See the Pen London Landscape by Ning (@xn19775855) on CodePen.

Pen Tool

This project used ellipses to create a draw board. 

See the Pen Pen tool by Ning (@xn19775855) on CodePen.

Minion Hulk

Have you seen a hulk in Minion before? I made a monster minion. :)

See the Pen Minion Hulk by Ning (@xn19775855) on CodePen.

Flat Clock 

This is a real clock. Can you tell what is the time right now?  

See the Pen Flat Clock by Ning (@xn19775855) on CodePen.

Explore 3D with p5js

This project is focused on ordered, repeating, for loops based structures in drawing 3D.

See the Pen Practice-3D by Ning (@xn19775855) on CodePen.